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Ayurveda Shirodara

Massage promotes embodied and mental relaxation, getting rid of emotional tension, insomnia and headaches. Warm sesame oil is poured by thin stream into special points on the forehead, including the area of Ajna-chakra (the "third eye") and Sahasrara-chakra (the "crown chakra").

Ayurveda Abhyanga

Massage Abyanga intends to restore the energy balance of the body and to harmonize the energy flows of the body. Abyanga conduces the simultaneous relaxation of muscles, the elimination of muscle spasms, the disappearance of fatigue. As a result, Abyanga is able to prolong life, as it strengthens the nervous system, revitalises and rejuvenates the body.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage, is a holistic system of health improvement, including a number of modalities, such as deep pressure on muscle tissue, passive exercises, reflexology, stretching, joint opening, activation of the flow of energy in the human body, acupressure. Does not require the using of oil..

Hot Stone Massage

This is a unique technique in which volcanic stones are used to affect the skin and the human body. Massage is indicated for muscle pains, body fat, wrong metabolism, physical and mental fatigue.

Balinese massage

Balinese massage is an excellent method of relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, finding peace of mind and balance. It helps in the fight against headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, relieves muscle pain.


Translated from Japanese: Shi - finger, Atsu - touch. During this massage, based on the principle of "Touching by fingers", certain points of the human body are affected. This massage can be recommended as an additional treatment for some diseases, as well as for maintaining human health.


Massage, which is done on the soles of the feet, to remove the negative energy and tension accumulated in the body. Because the reflex points located on the foot correspond to a certain organ in the body, acting on them, we can provide a balance of blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Foot massage can be recommended for diseases of the stomach and intestine, heart disease and pinched nerve..


The massage is based on the use of aroma oils, practised from ancient China, Egypt and Indian civilizations. These oils are obtained from roots, resins, leaves of various plants and flowers. Aromatherapy helps to improve the psychological and physical well-being and health of a person. Essential oils are obtained from various plants have a very positive effect on the body and have a soothing, stimulating, analgesic, relaxing effects, and also contribute to the elimination of toxins and help with insomnia.