Spıce Hotel & SPA
Childrens Activities

The best summer holiday with your family is at Spice Hotel & SPA.

Activities wıth your child.

  • Every week some special show for our smallest guests
  • Water competition Aqua Survivor
  • Bubble Show & Magic Show
  • Clown performance & Balloon Show
  • Surprise Show
  • Sweepstakes
  • Fun, games, activities and educational hours at the Lockhum Kids Club for our tiny guests.
  • Group Pedagogy, Perception and The Five Senses, Special Groups and Activities For Boys And Girls.

What Did I Learn At Lockhum?

  • Make your own toy
  • Anatolian Children Games
  • Cook for the first time in Lockhum
  • Discover nature – Find a direction – Find the treasure
  • Fair fighting
  • Shadow theater (Make your own puppet)