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Who are We?

Spice Hotel & SPA is an Ickale Turizm İnşaat San. Tic. A.S. affiliated hotel that offers a 5-star hotel service at Iskele Mevkii 07506 Belek/Antalya address since 2007. You can find more information about us on our website at

Purpose and Scope of the Policy

As Spice Hotel & SPA, we care about confidentiality of your personal information. In order to ensure the confidentiality of the people who use our websites, the most reliable measures have been taken on Spice Hotel & SPA systems and infrastructures.

These website and cookie applications policy applies to all websites of Spice Hotel & SPA, branded websites on third-party platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) and the applications used for these websites.

By accepting the request for cookies on the website, you will only consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Cookies Policy. If you want these cookies not to be used later, you can delete or disable them through your browser settings. Disabling these cookies may affect your experience of using our websites.

What are your data received on the website?

In case of making reservations and payments through our website, your personal data, which is mandatory for these transactions, will be collected. This data shall be used only to provide the service in question and be shared only when it is necessary for us to serve you.

For reservation procedures, the information regarding your name and surname, T.R. ID. No/Passport No., hotel entrance and exit dates, room type, email address, country, city, name and surname of the person will be accompanying and guest notes are obtained.

For payment transactions; name and surname, card number, expiration date and CVC number on the card are requested.

If you leave a comment on our site, name and surname information and e-mail address that you give for this process will be received.

The IP and log information, which is mandatory under the Law No. 5651, will be kept on the servers where our site is established in accordance with the law. These logs contain IP information and information regarding connection date-time, what is requested and data amount.

Apart from these data, cookies are used on our site for personalizing your internet experience and for advertisement purposes.

What are Cookie Applications?

Cookie applications are the text files stored on your computer (or mobile devices connecting to the internet such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.) when you visit our websites. A cookie usually contains the name of the website it is taken, the life of the cookie and a unique number that has been created for it by chance.

Purpose of Cookies

We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website, to make measurements to improve your experience, to customize our website for you in a more convenient way and to make future designs by evaluating the user experiences. We also use these cookies to keep anonymous statistics without getting the username. We use these cookies in order to make promotions and make notifications of Spice Hotel & SPA to the people using our websites.

Types of the Cookies Used

As Spice Hotel, we can use the following types of cookies.

Cookie Type What is it for? Does it collect personal information?
Compulsory These cookies enable our websites to run and make you take advantage of the features of our site. Such as remembering your previous actions when you return to the previous page. These cookies do not identify your id. If you do not accept these cookies, our website may not work properly.
Performance These cookies store information such as time spent on the website visited, sections used, error messages encountered, and provide information on how we can serve better to our visitors. These cookies do not identify your id. The data is taken entirely anonymously and helps us make our website better by putting them together.
Personalization These cookies are essential for more personalized website experience. They enable remembering your preferences on the website. In addition, they allow you to use the tools such as the videos integrated into the website, surveys, blogs, forums, etc. These cookies may collect data that identifies your identity such as username, etc. We do not share this data with third parties. Disallowing the acceptance of these cookies may affect website performance and prevent you from using certain features of the website.
Targeting and Advertising These cookies allow you to see the promotional and informative ads about Spice Hotel in accordance with your interests. It also allows us to measure the performance of the advertisements and promotions announced through third party websites other than the Spice Hotel & SPA website. By offering targeted advertisements, it prevents unwanted promotions to be suggested to you.
It can be used to remember the websites you have visited. We can use the information obtained with these cookies for having more effective advertisements and promotional activities by sharing them with the company which we receive digital media service.
These cookies can collect identity information by following the IP addresses of the people visiting our website. This information is used for targeted advertisements and promotions. We currently use cookies from Facebook, Yandex, Google, Youtube and Instagram companies.

Duration of Cookies

Session/temporary: These cookies are deleted when you leave the website.
Periodical : These cookies are deleted after a period of time depending on usage purposes after visiting the website.
Permanent: These cookies are not deleted after you leave the website. They are kept longer.

Third Party Cookies

We work with some third party suppliers that make the necessary cookie adjustments on your behalf when you use the Spice Hotel & SPA websites so that they can provide you their services. You may receive cookies from third party websites and domains when you visit our websites.

How Can I Delete Cookies?

Deletion and cookie acceptance settings vary depending on the browser you are using, However, many internet browsers automatically accept these cookies. If you reject the message shown on our website about accepting the cookies, they will not be collected on your computer.

To delete these cookies, you can use delete cookies function in the history section of your internet browser. You can get information about how to delete cookies by examining the cookies and delete cookies sections under the help menu of the internet browser you use.

You can access our Personal Data Protection Policy at

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