Soccer Group Package

- Welcoming Cocktail,

- 70x105m soccer field complying with FIFA standards,

- 90-minute-practice twice a day,

- Sauna, Turkish Bath, Steam Room, Fitness Center, Heated Indoor Pool available within operation hours,

- Walking track around the Hotel,

- Massage and Locker Room (Accommodation is not allowed), the massage bench is complimentary,

- Fully equipped Meeting Room,

- Laundry Services twice a day,

- Water service during the practices,

- Complimentary refreshments (tea-coffee & cookies) – A refreshment stand is set up on the floor the athletes are accommodated,

- A private section at the Main Restaurant,

- Complimentary fresh orange juice at breakfast,

- Mini bar replenished daily (water, soda and soft drinks),

- Wireless internet access,

- All the athletes are accommodated on the same floor,

- For the safety of our guests the Hotel Management has the right to close or restrict the use of soccer field in case of inclement weather and provide an alternate scheduling for practices based on the condition of the field,   

- Fee is charged for the field lighting,

- The Hotel Management keeps the initiative to accept or reject private soccer games.

- A fee is charged for soccer matches during the practice hours with another team staying in the hotel.

- A fee is charged for the friendly matches between an outside team and the team staying in our hotel.

- A fee is charged for the match organization requests that are out of the practice hours.

- A la Carte Restaurant reservations are subject to charge. Booking a reservation for a whole team is not available.    

- Room Service is a paid service which is available 24 hours.   


Eating in other venues (Open Buffet or Set Menu) in the hotel other than The Main Restaurant is subject to charge. BBQ parties including all unlimited non-alcoholic beverages are subject to charge. The Hotel provides food service in a separate restaurant in Exclusive Team accommodations. If a special menu is requested for the team, the request is notified to the kitchen the day before.  If the team has a private chef and the ingredients are catered by the team, the hotel does not charge any fees for the use of kitchen and the equipment, however, if all the aforementioned services are requested from the hotel, a service fee is charged based on the menu.

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